Agency staff get training at Swansea City

Just last week we spent a number of days training 60+ agency staff currently engaged at Swansea City waste operations. The operatives were engaged on a range of operations within the waste management department and used vehicles ranging in size from 26t refuse freighters down to 3.5t litter collection vehicles. Reversing Assistant training was given to ensure that, regardless of their specific role, operatives could carryout vehicle manoeuvring in accordance with industry best practice.

The following is a selection of the comments made by those attending the training:

  • Very helpful and informative
  • I found the course hit home to the real danger we face
  • A real eye opener to what happens if we don’t use assistance
  • Glad this training was given
  • Very moving and educational, made me think more about safety
  • This course opens your eyes to what could happen
  • Very helpful, explained well

All comments made by delegates are optional and anonymous. Delegates are instructed NOT to put their names on feedback forms. We want to know what they’ve got to say, NOT who said what!!!