AJF WASTE MANAGEMENT called to provide additional training for the VALE OF GLAMORGAN CC waste operations

Following the successful completion of last years training programme, in support of the VALE OF GLAMORGAN CC waste operations, AJF WASTE MANAGEMENT has been engaged to deliver training for new / temporary employees. The authority is currently rolling-out further recycling collection services and is keen to maintain staff training continuity throughout their operations.

 BLEANAU GWENT CBC extends training to permanent employees using AJF WASTE MANAGEMENT training course.

Employees engaged on Street Cleansing operations are receiving the newly developed training course “Safe Working Practices – Street Cleansing / Litter Clearance”. This follows the success of the FUTURE JOBS FUND training which continues to meet the needs of the authority.

 AJF secures contract to deliver further training for Future Jobs Funded people at BLAENAU GWENT CBC

We are very pleased to continue working with BLAENAU GWENT CBC providing training for the people engaged via on this government back to work scheme. Following the allocation of new funding additional people have been engaged to support and compliment the ongoing community enhancement work in the county. Read More.