Removing the "F" in Refuse

Refuse is no longer something to bury in the ground and forget about, it’s a resource, a source of income.

Collection services are changing rapidly in the face of ever iRecyling Centrencreasing challenges to divert materials away from landfill.

The logistics of collecting multiple materials, cost effectively, with consideration for current legislation and regulation, is an ever increasing challenge for today’s waste managers..

Our company has experience in the design and implementation of schemes for both rural and metropolitan application.

We are able to offer advice, help & direction with:

QuotesAndy Firman has been responsible for round design and routing which include setting reasonable levels of work for refuse collectors.Close Quote

Chief Officer Waste Management
  • Planning a new scheme or changing direction within an existing method
  • Identify the materials to be collected
  • Consider the characteristics of materials to be collected
  • Design collection methods and vehicles
  • Resource utilisation
  • Identification and engagement of key stakeholders
  • Identify final sorting processes for onward trade
  • Support training for key stakeholders
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