Manual Handling



Those people, whose work activities require them to lift, move and carry inanimate objects. Work places can range from an office environment to operational activities that require the repetitive lifting of heavy, bulky and difficult to handle objects.


  • To provide an understanding of how incorrect lifting, moving and carrying inanimate objects can cause personal injury.
  • To provide knowledge and understanding of how to assess the risk’s of a range of manual handling tasks.
  • To provide an opportunity for delegates to practice the principles of good handling and carrying techniques.


  1. To provide an understanding of the impact of manual handling injuries on today’s industry
  2. To provide an understanding of the human impact of manual handling injuries
  3. To provide knowledge of the functionality of the spine and how it could become injured
  4. To support the Identification of potential manual handling risks in a range of work activities
  5. To help candidates understand the actions required to help avoid personal injury
  6. To provide an opportunity for candidates to practice correct manual handling techniques
  7. To provide information on the physical exercises that can be used to keep the back supple and healthy


  • On successful completion of the course, participants will be able to;
  • Understand the need to practice good manual handling techniques within their every day workplace
  • Understand what activities are included, and excluded in the term manual handling
  • Recognise the injuries that can be caused by incorrect manual handling activities
  • Understand how the workplace layout can impact on manual handling activities
  • Understand the functionality of the spine and how it can become injured
  • Recognise the individual components of a manual handling risk assessment using Task – Individual – Load – Environment (T.I.L.E)
  • Complete a manual handling risk evaluation exercise
  • Recognise the actions required to reduce the risks within the manual handling activities
  • Practice the principles of correct manual handling techniques