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CIWM JOURNAL, Editorial, December 2011

December 2011


Skilled, confident staff lead to slicker, more professional service at a time when squeezed budgets demand more from the frontline. Read More........





CUSTOMER CARE at the forefront of CHESHIRE EAST waste services

December 2011

Frontline services are under ever closer scrutiny and substandard delivery with bad attitudes being a source of customer complaint. Cheshire East council were keen to support their staff in helping them to deliver a service that met today’s high standards.

Delivering a positive customer experience was a theme that ran throughout the training courses we delivered.

Following the completion of the waste transformation process the authority undertook a door knocking exercise to gauge customer perception of the new service. Read More.............

The following is an extract of the comments householders provided:

  • Bin-men are wonderful
  • Brilliant service
  • Bin-men have vastly improved recently
  • Excellent bin-men
  • Pleased with bin-men
  • Bin-men are brilliant


November 2011

dsc_0352 copyFollowing the Franchised training partnership between ourselves and Blaenau Gwent CBC earlier this year ( News-April 2011) the authority are now providing Torfaen CBC with Health & Safety training for their frontline waste and recycling operatives. We are very pleased that our Reversing Assistant training is being provided to 60+ waste and recycling operatives in the first phase. Read More......  


Waste Management Training Course statistics

October 2011

During the first 6 months of this financial year (2011/12) we have provided the waste industry with more than 400 hours of training and development for frontline personnel. In that period our training courses have attracted more than 600 delegate attendances.


Delegate Feedback from our training

July 2011

All our training courses provide an opportunity for the delegates to provide feedback. Feedback is provided anonymously with delegates encouraged to be open and honest with their comments. The following is a selection of the comments made;

  • An illuminating, informative and well-taught course
  • Very good course. Thought it would be boring, but was very interesting.
  • I found the training informative and a big help in my daily duties giving me a better understanding of daily work duties for both drivers and loaders
  • Very well presented, possibly a little to long
  • The trainer was polite, well-mannered and spoke clearly so we could understand
  • Very good and helpful for future work
  • Very good course
  • Comprehensive and through course, well presented
  • Very clear. Enjoyed.
  • Excellent course, very well presented

Cheshire East agency staff receive Manual Handling training

July 2011

Throughout the waste transformation project a number of agency staff were needed to dsc_0506 copy2
help with a range of customer facing support services. These
people were given IOSH accredited Manual Handling training.


MANUAL HANDLING training for Cheshire East

July 2011

This month we have spent time delivering Manual Handling training for frontline operatives based at the Crewe depot. IOSH accredited manual handling training will play a key part of the transformation process for Cheshire East.


WASTE MANAGEMENT TRAINING courses re-accredited by CIWM

June 2011

All training courses in our modular programme have recently received their accreditation by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM). For many of our Health & Safety training courses this is the second period of accreditation since their first development in 2007. All courses are accredited until 2013. View Accreditation benefits.......


Franchised Training Audit completed at BLEANAU GWENT CBC

June 2011

We are pleased that Bleanau Gwent CBC has undergone a very successful audit of the training they provide for their waste / recycling operatives. It is a requirement of the franchised partnership arrangement that training programmes are audited by-annually. All documentation was inspected and a visit made to operatives working on site. Read More......



May 2011

Following the formation of our partnership with Bleanau Gwent CBC, training for their waste and recycling operatives is progressing. Justin Hodges, their nominated trainer has delivered Reversing Assistant training to all 60+ operatives. Read More.....



May 2011

Phase one of the transformation programme go’s live in the first week of May. The first phase includes former boroughs, Congleton plus Crewe and Nantwich. We are managing a number of interim collection crews to support the roll-out to ensure a smooth transition from the previous mix of Kerbside sort and wheeled bin to a fully comingled wheeled bin service. Read More....



May 2011

Swansea city, street cleansing operatives receive Reversing Assistant training. Following a programme to train all street cleansing operatives in September 2010, these newly appointed workers receive their training from Justin.



April 2011

We are very pleased to be working with BLEANAU GWENT CBC to help them up-skill their workforce. Bleanau Gwent have identified employee Justin Hodges, Environment and Neighbourhood Services Health and Safety Advisor, as their appointed person to deliver health & safety training to all employees engaged on Waste, Recycling and Street Scene operations. Justin has been trained by us in the use of our accredited training courses and will deliver the training to the Bleanau Gwent employees. Read More......

Working in partnership with CHESHIRE EAST council

April 2011

We have been engaged by Cheshire East council to provide management support and employee training as the authority rationalises its waste and recycling service. The newly formed (2009) unitary authority combines half of Cheshire County Council and includes the former boroughs of Macclesfield, Congleton and Crewe and Nantwich. It is expected that efficiency savings in excess of £1 million will be realised and up-skilling 200 front line operatives will contribute towards this achievement. Read More


Train-The-Trainer brings wider benefits for BLEANAU GWENT CBC

April 2011

Following the training and development of BGCBC employee Justin Hodges, to deliver accredited Health and Safety training for the authority’s frontline waste and recycling employees, Justin is appointed to deliver training directly for AJFWM. As demand grows for our services we need intermittent support to deliver training courses for our clients. Following our approach to Alan Reed, Chief Neighbourhood Services Officer at Bleanau Gwent CBC, it was agreed Justin would deliver training for neighbouring authorities on behalf of AJFWM. We are indebted to Alan for this consent. Read More



April 2011

Training commences immediately at Cheshire East in order that all frontline operatives and supervisors based in Crewe are trained ahead of the roll-out of the transformation process. Safe Working practices-street collections and Reversing Assistant will be provided for all. Included in the day is extra emphasis on customer care. Read More....



April 2011

Justin (BGCBC) delivers his first training courses for us at the Vale of Glamorgan. Safe Working practices-street collections (induction) plus Safe Working practices-street cleansing / litter clearance and Reversing Assistant over 2 days. Justin is fast becoming a very competent trainer.



March 2011

For many years the waste industry has relied on agency staff to maintain continuity of service delivery.

The ability to call-in and easily dispense- with the services of these people has developed, in most cases, a culture of total disregard for the wellbeing of these people whilst they are at work. Both their employer i.e. the agency they are working through, and the client, the waste industry operator engaging their services, are ready to cut all the corners necessary to ensure the service is CHEAP.

The waste industry continues to struggle with its health and safety culture and spends an awful lot of time and money trying to workout what’s going wrong. In my opinion the tradition of using agency staff, in its current format, is perpetuating the problem.

Read my opinion piece in RECYCLING & WASTE WORLD...............



March 2011

During recent weeks I have been delivering a new course. The course has been developed by waste industry operators for inclusion within the Energy & Utility Skills training portfolio. The SAFETY, HEALTH and ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS (SHEA) (Waste Management) training course is intended to bring a uniformity of approach to health, safety and environmental awareness across the utilities sector in line with Health and Safety Executive guidelines.

Full details of the course and it's content can be found by following this link......

Delegate feedback form the 2 courses delivered to date has been positive with the following comments being provided:

  • I thought the course was very helpful and informative.
  • Warm and friendly trainer, I enjoyed the day and would gladly recommend it to others.   

Local Authority Waste & Recycling (LAWR) article

February 2011


For agency staff sent out on a recycling or refuse collection round, a days work can be fraught with danger. Working among moving vehicles and manual handling come with the territoryand if things go wrong the results can be fatal.

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