Strategic Development

Strategic development is not just the domain of county hall officials. Operational strategy is equally important and should be considered by the people who are going to do the job.

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transformation in waste
collection practice in Cardiff.
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Chief Officer Waste Management
The people required to achieve the authority’s ever ambitious targets are often only consulted when targets are printed in the company business plan.

It is our experience that little or no consideration is given to the operations required to reach the published targets. Succession planning is limited, with no thought for the second and third steps in what can be a long process to achieve the overall goal.

The Collection, Transfer & Treatment processes, of multiple materials from households and businesses, goes way beyond a few papers, bottles and cans in a box or bag collected every other week.

Our company has experience of developing strategies in both rural and metropolitan environments.

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Corporate Health and Safety Advisor
Strategies which will consider the Logistics required in accomplishing the immediate goal whilst complementing the next step towards overall success.

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